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2018 Show


Due to inclement weather forecasts, we are postponing the show until Sunday, September 16th. 

​Electronic registration is closed. You can register on site on Sunday!


Membership Dues are $25.00 a year.  This covers our Annual Picnic, supports our shows, and annual donations to local charities. 



Meetings are held at Ledo's Restaurant, 490 Prospect Blvd. in Frederick, MD on the third Thursday of every month. Meetings start at 6:00 on to meet, greet and eat. The business meeting starts at 7:30 PM. All are welcome!

​​Next Meeting Date - 

September 20

Future Meetings:

September 20

October 18

November 15



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Mike Furman and Criswell Chevrolet are now the sponsors of the Frederick County Corvette Club. 

~Artwork....Take a look at any of the pics below, new or old and tell me that the Chevrolet Corvette isn't a piece of Art. If you don't park your Corvette and then look back at it then you have bought the wrong sports car. How many of you stare at it in your garage from time to time?
Or just clean/polish it just because? That is how I have felt about the Corvette since moment one...and then throw in all the Corvette friends that I have made along the way...priceless. I am fortunate because I get to make new Corvette friends (plural for a reason) every single day 7 days per week.
No matter where I go, especially at work...or with my Golf always leads to the Corvette World. So today on this rainy Maryland day and no matter where you live in the world...take a look at your Corvette and tell me it doesn't look good from any can't because all Corvettes look great from all views in any color combo. Enjoy my Corvette delivery pics and throwback section today and every day...share this with your fellow Corvette enthusiasts and club members.
Check out delivery pictures here.

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Our Club is a great way to enjoy cruising in your Vette, meeting other Corvette enthusiasts, information on car shows, etc.

President - Jim Brown 
Vice President - Christine Rummel 
Treasurer - Jim Brown
Secretary - Dave Cole

Webpage/Newsletter - Chuck Pierpont
Life time NCM Ambassador- Mike Furman