Frederick MARYLAND]



Shab Row Show 2019

Shab Row Show was held on Saturday, July 13 in Frederick. Below are several photos from the event.

Congratulations to all the winners!

The winner by drawing of the Wax Kit at the ESSR & Shab Row For 2019 was Dave Gallahan.

People's Voting: One Winner by Class

C1          Tina & Ron Yingling
C2          Ron Meyer
C3          Kevin Kelly
C4          Dave Cole
C5          Don Crone
C6          Don Crone
C7          Lou DiPasquale

Driver’s Voting List: first and Second place per class

C1          1st           Tina & Ron Yingling

C2          1st           Ron Meyer
               2nd          Jim Myers

C3          1st           Kevin Kelly
               2nd          Gene Keller

C4          1st           Nick Nowaczyk
               2nd          Dave Cole

C5          1st           Jeff Gibbons
               2nd          Don Crone

C6          1st           Richard Mars
               2nd          Mary Kelly

C7          1st           Joe Apicella
               2nd          Ron Meyer

FCCC ESSR & Shab Row Driver Donations = $60.00